Saturday, May 13, 2006

Red Alert: Escape from Tata Indicom!

The following is the communication between a consumer and a company, over e-mail. Clearway got access to this chain of e-mails, that shows the shabby work that ISP's do in this country.
9 May 2006, Tuesday
From: Consumer
Subject: Internet Connection not working

My Log in Id is ******. My Application Number is ******.

My account was activated today by your service personnel. However, Im not able to access the net now. I logged off once after my account was activated. When I try to log on, I can see that the net is on (100 Mbps) but web pages are not opening up.

I spoke with one of your Customer Service Executives - she said there was some problem with the connection, though the net was on. However, the call got disconnected. Please check the problem and rectify it at the earliest.

11 May 2006, Thursday
From: Tata Indicom
Dear Mr ******,
We regret for delay in responding to your mail. Thank you for writing your concern regarding unable to login to our notice.

We understand and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

With reference to your email, we would like to inform you that your concern has already been noticed to the network team and they are working on high priority basis. Our team will call you with the feedback at the earliest.

We need your valuable time and patience during this period which helps us to serve you better.

For any further assistance, please feel free to contact Customer Service (the link contains the location wise contact numbers) or mail us on We will be delighted to assist you.

Warm Regards,

Customer Service,
TATA Indicom Broadband.
11 May 2006, Thursday
From: Consumer
Thanks for the mail.

But the problem is that there have been only problems since I registered with you. Initially, the connection was promised in 8 - 10 days after I paid through cheque - it took more than 3 weeks since then.

And in these 3 days since the connection is up, I have complained thrice - and the problem is still very much there, intact. I dont think I can stand this poor service from you any longer if you do not rectify the situation immediately.

This is a prepaid service and no life membership. I would opt to cancel my membership if I do not get my connections from tomorrow, Friday, 12 May. If you state that may not be possible, I can assure you I would never renew any of my services with anything associated with Tata. And be sure I would spread the word about your shabby services as much as I can.

I was promised that you would call me in 24 hours and it's been more than that now. I do not want any more calls. The problem gets rectified tomorrow or I walk out. Period! Customer servise is no lip service. Tata should have known better.

12 May 2006, Friday.
From: Consumer
Im disappointed that you have not cared to respond to a mail where I had virtually set a deadline for you to act. You have touched new low in Customer Service.

I cancel my subscription to your services. You may please send your personnel to pack the rolls of cables back into their bags from my residence. My association with you has been nothing more than complaints and headaches, not to mention the amount that I spent calling your Customer Support Executives.

I hope you wouldn't create problems at least when Im winding up my association with your esteemed organisation. Be sure, this is no way to do business.

13 May 2006, Saturday
From: Tata Indicom
Thank you for bringing your Broad band connection issue to our notice. With reference to your email, we trust the needful has been done and your concern regarding No Browsing of your Broadband connection has been resolved after the assistance provided by our Customer Service Executive. We hope everything is working fine. Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to write to us to serve you better. Thank you for your time and patience. For any further assistance, please feel free to contact Customer Service at (the link contains the location wise contact numbers ) or mail us on We will be delighted to assist you.
Warm Regards,
Customer Service,
TATA Indicom Broadband.
13 May 2006, Saturday
From: Consumer
You are unbelievable!

I wonder how you could "trust the needful has been done", when I, who lodged the complaint, havent expressed my satisfaction yet that the problem has been rectified!

And you have mailed me in such a cool tone as if everything has been working perfectly fine, not a word of apology, not a sign of efforts towards pacification!

I understand that your systems are not in line with the advances in Information Technology. I guess that's the reason you have not been able to rectify a problem that has been pestering me right from the day of inception of your services - if at all I could use the word "Services" to describe what you have been doing!

Be sure - I am not able to connect to the net still. Please do not sit in an ivory tower and dream that all your connections are working perfectly alright. Tata Indicom Broadband connections are a mess, as I have recently discovered.

I do not need a stereotypic mail from one of your customer services personnel; I need to know that the problems in the field have reached those at the top. And Im going public about all the sloppy "Services" that you have been providing. At this moment, this issue could have been published in any of the media or discussion forums, so that the world knows what you are and the consumers escape from the nightmare that your company has come to be!
That was the latest news about "Customer Service" in India. Stay tuned for more news about fresh action.


Anonymous said...

Dear Krish,

Shabby companies like Tata Indicom shouldn't be allowed to operate!
I too have experinced the lousiest service from these guys.
-When we applied for a broadband installation, they came within 2 days to do the paperwork and accept the payment.
-After that there was no installation. After repeated phone calls, after a month, one official told us the installation wasn't feasible. I asked her to process a refund.
-It has been 3 months since and no refund. I've called and emailed the call centers more times than I'd care for, but to no effect.
Ugh! How are they any different from swindlers?

krish said...

You said it. Yes, they should not be allowed to operate. But we don't have a say over this. My friend who has had to go through this will not buy anything branded or manufactured by Tata for life; and he says he would wait for the right time to teach them a lesson!

No, they are not diferent from swindlers in any way.

Prasad Menon said...

I have had the same horrible experience with Tata Indicom. Does somebody out there have any e-mail address for any responsible person at tata indicom.

navin harish said...

It is surprising to find how many peple have had a very bad experience with Tata Indicom Broadband. I searched the net after my bad experiences and found it to be full of people annoyed by Tata Indicom. Here is what happened with me.
Customer in King? My a%$#.

Anand Sankaran, Chennai said...

hi, its very very sad. Im the latest victim of these assholes.. Please we have to spread the word before more people get victimzed...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Friends, following are the list of emails realted to tata group executive, those who checks their emails several times. First one belong direclty to gentlemen related to vsnl. While they are sitting and sleeping on your money, email them several times a day to make sure they read and return your money back:
G. C. Banik, chief general manager Email:

Christabelle Noronha, vice president Email:

S. V. Ramanan, head Email:

Raghunath Kale, director Email:

Annahita Kapadia, manager Email:

Sujit Patil, manager Email:

C Jawahar Email:

Pradipta Bagchi, general manager Email:


Shernavaz Colah,Email:

Debasis Ray, head Email:

Shalini Singh, assistant general manager Email:

Sanjay Choudhry, chief Email:

Rashmi Mehta Email:

Suroor Hussain, manager Email:

Manoj Chakravarti, vice president Email:

Neeti Chopra, head Email:

B. N. Garudachar, general manager Email:


Hope this helps...

Anonymous said...

Tataindicom is the worst service provider as per my knowledge. These guys only looking for the money and in terms of service they are just hopeless. These guys only looking for money and they will keep you calling before 10 days and for the comppalint you raised, no call. Even if you keep on calling, no action they will take to resolve the issue. Its really sucks and disgusting the way they are working. How they are surviving in this competative market, no idea. They are so unprofessional, you cant believe it.If any one know the email's id of their higher authority then do let us know.

Anonymous said...

Tataindicom are really fuckers and shouldnt be allowed to provide the internet service in india. They are just horrible, i lost almost 4000 Rs with those fuckers. Provide us some email id of responsible person in Tataindicom.

Anonymous said...

those assholes do nothing, absolutely nothing, 7days to solve a problem of disconnectivity, come on!!! They dont give you call, any feedback. They escalate the crap all the time, what the fuck, if i meet any of those call canter pipl or their managers, i swear ,,i will beat them to death....


venkat said...

Tata indicom broadband internet sucks. i had horrible experience with them. Please do not go for this tata broadband. Their customer service also sucks.

Anonymous said...


My ip has been misused by someone on nov4th and after that. Before Now 4th my balance was 3500 something. Now it is zero. After miusing my ip the person is deleted my account or changed my password. Any one can change the password if you know the tatacommunication vsnl username details. At the time of changing password the system is not asking any secreat qsestion. . Tata communication service is very horrible service.Please don't get connection from them. Go for some other service.The customer care people are giving uncommitted answers.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the person who had such horrible experience with Tata indicom. My experience in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, is almost identical.

1. Over 90% of the time I don't get internet service. Technical support is totally inadequate, nobody
has a clue why the server is down. Nothing gets done in spite of several phone calls. They don't
keep the equipment in working order, and wait till customers like us call and complain that there
is no internet. This is totally unacceptable.

2. Customer care (the 1-800 number) too has inordinate wait time, and just hangs up on me
saying "call later". This is unacceptable. Even now, the internet service has been down
for more than 4 days. Nothing is being done. I have been calling everyday, when I finally get
through to a customer service "executive" all I get is some platitudes. They also tell me that
i will receive credit for all the days when I had no service, but this is a lie --- see point 5 below.

3. In spite of escalating to Nodal officer for Tamilnadu region (several times), there has been no
response. This is ridiculous. What has Tata come to? I plan to publicize my frustrations all over
various internet fora, and warn the public not to sign up for Tata indicom.

4. Towards the end of March 09, I signed up for Tata's broadband DSL internet service, and paid in full
for 4 months. More than Rs 5500. I was explicitly told by the salesperson (DineshBabu, Coimbatore)
that there would be no charges. Still I was sent pro-rated charges for march, and additional extra
charges on each subsequent bill.

5. Finally, in spite of being told by customer service that I would receive credit for all the days when I had no service
this has NOT happened. Just to quote one instance, I had no service from April 6 till 23rd. But, lo and behold, the
April bill shows no refund. In addition to providing lousy service, Tata have also taken to outright lying. I am stunned at Tata's audacity. This is causing irreparable harm to their valuable brand name.

I plan to register complaints with consumer protection groups, write letters to the editor in all major newspapers,
and also widely publicize on the internet.

Monika said...

I am the latest addition to the list of victims of Tata Indicom.
Mine is the worst case ever. Not only their services suck, they went to the heights of harasiing me personally by their collection/legal..

I did a mistake of buying an Internet connection from Tata Indicom in June 2009. I was told by the sales agent that the connection that I purchased for approx rs 3000/- is free for use for two months. First it took 2 months for Tata Indicom to activate the connection. While I never used it really after that since it was terribly slow and moved to Reliance, I received a call from the same agent after two months about moving to another faster one and when I said that I want to disconnect this one too since I bought another one, I was advised to call Customer Care and get the connection terminated. I rightly did so and was under the impression that my request has been implemented since I never received any bills or calls for making any payments. Just today, I receive a call from Tees Hazari Court that there is a case /notice issued by Tata Indicom for not making payment.

I have written to the nodal officer and recieved a call from them that thay are on it to resolve it and get the calls stopped. But I am still receieveing calls which are pretty much to the extent of threatening calls by strange guys where they say Delhi Police is after me and what not..

I urge everyone not to ever buy a Tata connection and teach them a lesson. I am filing a case of harassement against them and will take it further if required.

Anonymous said...

Victim here...

Lost my Tata Indicom Broadband Internet connection on 19th Jan 2011. The Nodal Officer notified that it was because of an unpaid bill.
Cleared the dues: Paid Rs. 1340 in cash on 20th Jan. Never got back the connection. As per the latest news, the company closed the office in my city.
Checked my online account and found out that I have another bill pending. Amount: Rs. 1026

Lost interest after filing more than 15 complaints...