Thursday, July 13, 2006

Post for Victims of the Tata-VSNL Conspiracy

They are the latest swindlers in town - and they have made a fortune out of others' money. Tata and VSNL are the twin names that stand for anything evil. They swindle, they rob, they rape - they do anything for money.
As the growing list of victims supports a case for the Government's Black-listing the Tata group, Clearway lists the contact details of Tata group obtained from the web in this post. For those who missed the action, details of the modus operandi of Tata Indicom Broadband Dons can be found in some of the previous posts:
Contact details of some commanders of the 'yet-to-be-banned' organisation are available here:

CMCS. V. Ramanan, head (corporate communications)
Indian Hotels, Raghunath Kale, director (internal communications)
Rallis, Annahita Kapadia, manager (MD’s office)
Tata Chemicals, Sujit Patil, manager (corporate communications)
Tata Coffee, C Jawahar
Tata Consultancy Services, Pradipta Bagchi, general manager (corporate communications)Email:
Tata Elxsi,
Tata International, Shernavaz Colah, corporate communicator
Tata Motors, Debasis Ray, head (corporate communications)
Tata Power, Shalini Singh, assistant general manager
Tata Steel, Sanjay Choudhry, chief (corporate communications)
Tata Tea, Rashmi Mehta
Tata Teleservices, Suroor Hussain, manager (direct marketing)
Titan, Manoj Chakravarti, general manager (corporate communications)
Trent, Neeti Chopra, head (marketing)
Voltas, B. N. Garudachar, general manager (corporate communications)
VSNL, G. C. Banik, chief general manager (public relations)
As you would have noticed, the only e-mail id relevant to VSNL is that of G. C. Banik, Chief General Damager (Public Relations). However, efforts to mail him have been futile - his mail box is already full!
So, dear victims of the Tata-VSNL conspiracy, do not hesitate; just shoot mails to any of the e-mail id's (preferably, each one of them) available. They are all from the same gang anyway!
PS. If any of you could get some more e-mail id's of the gang, please leave comments here.


krish said...

It has been noted at by someone that emails to the directors of VSNL can be sent as follows: "I went to the list of board of directors , i took all their names and mailed to all my issues by adding a full stop between their name and as the address . Which has worked as none of the mail has bounced back".

The list of the names of directors can be found at

Anonymous said...

Hi Krish,

Ok, a new victim of Tata-Indicom broadband. I knew they were bad, but they are pathetic. What have the people done against them? Went to the consumer court? How have you got the issues resolved with these people.



Rajendersaini said...

Hi All

I have been under heavey dipression since last month althogh i started as soon as i applied for tata indicom broadband .

1) It is horrible that a internet and telephone company does not have toll free no in an era where Pan wala's have toll free no's

2) God knows how r running this company , the company who is not bothered about its revenue (u ca'nt recharge your account from web it is down since last two months) you can imagine how much it will care about it's customer after selling the product

3) Due to that problem i requested for recharge coupon 6 march and after calling 20 times it's got delivered on 20th of march .

4) Then after recharging it, it never worked when i called they started fooling me (like i am a layman ) that there is cable cut we r looking into it and we wil1 give you a call .I checked that i am able to ping default gatway it means there is no cable fault from my end to server connectivity futher i told them that i am not able to ping DNS server it mean there is probnlem on server side .

5) I have called them three times daily they come up with same reply that problem will be fixed today only and you will get a call today itself .But nothing has happened .
6) If that is sate of service why do'nt you shut down your shop and say we r not able to run the bussiness
7) why they have not provided e-mail of top exec if they r taking fat salary ,they r more accountable and should be able to reachable by common customer

8) Finally i guess out of u alteast must be loyal enough to TATA group will highlist this to the higest level And make people awake in this company ...........

9) My complaint ID is #1947664

Anonymous said...

I am also a victim of Tata Indicom Broadband.Is there any way to reach Ratan Tata to escalate the issue?