Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Against TATA/ VSNL Broadband Scam!

This is how it all began: Red Alert!
Then, this followed:
The third was this:
The last piece on the issue can be found here:
And I still keep getting comments on how people get trapped into the mess that TATA is. So, is it time for some action?
I have decided to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Courts. The process may be long, the process may prove a failure, the process may have its own twists and turns. But the decision has been made.
If you want to take part in the campaign, drop your comment here. NO ANONYMOUS COMMENTS PLEASE. I need real people with real addresses to be commenting on this one. No, you dont have to provide your address in the comments - but you should be prepared to give your contact details if I contact you again. And I definitely need your e-mail/ web page/ blog details in the comment.
I'm serious about this cause. Are you?


krish said...

Here is one more piece in this blog on the issue - if you may be interested.

Shamit said...

I have similar experience with Tata Indicom Broadband.

Their service is pathetic. I am surprised that a TATA company is
duping customers by promising "Always On" broadband but providing
"Always Off" broadband.

My experience..

Winnie the poohi said...

i am lucky to not have taken tata indicomm! thanx to airtel!

I recommend airtel service to everyone. they r prompt and very good!

agnisharman said...

I completely disagree with you all.

I have tried these providers before I decided on TATA Indicom.


I work for a US based company from home and use a VOIP phone. I need a minimum 90KBPS up and down stream for this phone to work.

Also I use my email and a web based recruitment portal on the same line.

WHY BSNL and HATHWAY did not work?
they offer something called 1:4 Ratio connection.

When I take 256KBPS unlimited connection i get only 64 KBPS upload unlimited. That was a catch I realized later...

Forcing a phone connection on me along with the 1:4 ratio catch!

Never tried SIFY

I got my connection in 2 days time. I started using a 128KBPS unlimited (128kbps upload and download stream). It worked superb.

From July switched to 256KBPs True broadband experience from TATA for just 1000/month

If you guys dont belive me please check your HATWAY and AIRTEL Connections @

Thank you

Agni Sharman

krish said...

Dear Agni Sharman,

So, you have experienced something really good at Tata Indicom? Good. You have been blessed.

Others have not been fortunate enough. Yes, being an ISP at least in the name, I defintely wouldnt be surprised if you could quote a few more people who have had good experiences with the company. They better do at least that which would save their face.

But the complaint against VSNL has already been lodged and is being procesed. This blog shall keep readers updated.

And, Agni Sharman, I personally dont find a need to go for some speedtesting when one could personally experience the agony of the company's services.

Thanks for your comments. And keep visiting this space.


-T'Sme said...

I have been an equally frustrated user of TATA indicom. Sad part is my apartment building does not allow any other broadband service provider except TATA and reliance.

I have a complaint pending from 13th sept (my account usage erroneously has recorded 3600 MB on a single day and was suspended ), noone has replied despite multiple follow ups. Sent a notice of intent to file a consumer court complaint to the appelate authorities, no reponse to that email.

PLease let me know if you have had any luck with ur consumer court, and ill also do a similar thing.

Anonymous said...

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