Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spotlight on Clearway

I have been receiving lots of mails requesting me to elaborate on what Clearway is! The central theme of all of those correspondences is that my 'Definition' of Clearway is not all that crisp or comprehensible; nor is that clear and concise. So, I decided to keep posting some 'Facts' about Clearway once in a while, on the go, in an effort to clear the haze around Clearway.
Clearway is a beast with a mind of its own. It is an organism, a whole new species, raw and totally lacking in sophistication. It acts and it reacts to its own acts! However, as of this day, I don't remember it's ever having retracted its steps. It watches and responds to movements in space. However, sometimes, I have seen it transcending the boundaries of space! It has the least regard for elements and notices the ticking of the clock nonchalantly.
That was one face of Clearway - let me see if I can clarify a few more facts in the posts to come. And I do stress that I can not be held responsible for what Clearway logs in this space. Clearway - and only Clearway - is accountable for whatever is stated in Clearway!

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