Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reborn - Yet Again!

There were three sides to the Clearway Coin - Clearway, India and Revolution. Now, Clearway will be One. Renaissance.
Much has gone into the Definitions and Re-definitions of Clearway. To complicate simple stuff is not wise; but to know that something is actually simple takes courage. It takes courage to face raw truth. To stand by truth, undeterred by the swirls of whirlwinds, needs more than mere courage - it takes Humility!
Predictably, Clearway has changed. Not in the outlook, not in the context, not in the content, but in the Soul.
How has it changed? It's for you, the reader, to waste your time and energy on theories and thesis to answer questions. In simple terms, compare the present with the future and the past. See what was what, why is what and how is why. Ultimately, all hypotheses, theories, observations and inferences will lead to one statement. Change.
Let's go!

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