Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Don't even THINK of buying VSNL!: Escape from Tata Indicom Part 3

The woes from Tata Indicom continue, prompting a third post on the same issue at Clearway! Here goes the script of the next e-mail to Tata Indicom from out Tata victim!
Im tired of lodging complaints with you folks!

Tell me something, is this an ISP or a bunch of Jokers sitting out there, talking merrily to whoever speaks on phone and sending the same set of e-mails in response to every complaint, irrespective of what the matter is or who the sender is?

It's the same routinie these days:

I lodge complaint
You give me a complaint number
I wait for your call
I call you again
You assure me of the best of services and advertise about your dial up connections
I mail you and blast you
You reply coolly as if you have got an award from me
The service is up for a couple of hours
The service goes dead
Time for another complaint!

I need a solution. Or at least, give me an answer: Do you provide internet services at all? Or did you get the money from me to call me up and mail me? How many times do I have to complain in a day? Dont you get sick of giving the same dumb responses everytime I complain? Well, I certainly am getting sick at the way your company, or the bunch of folks that call themselves a company, works!

Your Service Enginieer poses as if he is the busiest person on the planet and asks me over phone if the net is on! And there is absolutely no use shooting mails to you folks! Because, I know that even if the net functions for a couple of hours, it's going to go dead again and I would have to "Complain" to you yet another time!

I understand you do not have any other job than sitting in front of PC's in Whitefield, and typing some stuff and dispatching them to inboxes. Lucky you! Unfortunately, we poor subscribers have other works and some of them happen to depend on something called the "Internet", a term which Im not sure if you are aware of!

The so-called Broadband connection that you advertise of is something more than a couple of green lights constantly blinking atop the modem!

The link that I have provided here is a free service for you:

As I told you in my last mail, I have already put the issue on-line and your High Level Service is getting popular on the same Internet that is your bread and butter. And this mail goes on-line as well, for prospective victims to Escape from Tata Indicom! This would continue till my Internet gets working continuously for at least a week, without going dead. Or, get me Mr Ratan Tata on phone - it's high time he knew of what he heads!

PS. I would definitely see if I could get this on Main Stream Media!