Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Against TATA/ VSNL Broadband Scam!

This is how it all began: Red Alert!
Then, this followed:
The third was this:
The last piece on the issue can be found here:
And I still keep getting comments on how people get trapped into the mess that TATA is. So, is it time for some action?
I have decided to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Courts. The process may be long, the process may prove a failure, the process may have its own twists and turns. But the decision has been made.
If you want to take part in the campaign, drop your comment here. NO ANONYMOUS COMMENTS PLEASE. I need real people with real addresses to be commenting on this one. No, you dont have to provide your address in the comments - but you should be prepared to give your contact details if I contact you again. And I definitely need your e-mail/ web page/ blog details in the comment.
I'm serious about this cause. Are you?