Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bihar challenges Bollywood

Bihar is capable of inspiring quite a few directors in Indian Cinema with grand ideas. Scores of vehicles spewing dust all around, rushing in for nomination of papers; a minister moving from a helipad in a car without Registration and an unauthorised Rath in an election campaign - not to mention FIR's filed against (the wife of) a former Chief Minister. It definitely has all the ingredients of a high-voltage plot! And this Drama has been successfully on stage for the last few years and will be on for years to come, breaking all records! I bet no amount of filmy imagination can beat the splendour of the electric scenario out there.

'Show' of Strength

Right to protest is legitimate. But how one protests normally goes to portray the protestor's profile. The show by Ms. Banerjee must have been funny to watch - sneaking into the Hotel premises and raising slogans! Of course, one can not blame the organisers of the protest for its failure; the Rain Gods were just not co-operative. So, it seems like the next protest has already been finalised - against Varun Bhagwan for foiling the plans.