Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bihar challenges Bollywood

Bihar is capable of inspiring quite a few directors in Indian Cinema with grand ideas. Scores of vehicles spewing dust all around, rushing in for nomination of papers; a minister moving from a helipad in a car without Registration and an unauthorised Rath in an election campaign - not to mention FIR's filed against (the wife of) a former Chief Minister. It definitely has all the ingredients of a high-voltage plot! And this Drama has been successfully on stage for the last few years and will be on for years to come, breaking all records! I bet no amount of filmy imagination can beat the splendour of the electric scenario out there.


Vijay Anand said...

You have a good thing going here. I wasn't aware that there is a whole circle of indian bloggers around. I'll be visiting often.



krish said...

Hi Vijay anand,

Thanks for the comment. Do keep visiting. And you have a nice pic out there :-)