Saturday, June 07, 2008

Be What you Want!

How is it that you are able to type those mails out to your pal? How do you manage to drive or ride in this maddening crowd? How are you able to pick that grain from the plate and direct it straight to your mouth that you never see while eating?
Simple things, straight forward stuff. No big deal.
But so it in case of everything else. "No Big Deal".
Whether it's about planning an event or organising a rally or bringing about a change or a Revolution, the idea is simple. "How" is always preceded by "Want". "How" has never been a problem. The mighty Empire was brought down by dhoti-clad village lads more than half a century ago. For them, "How" was not the word. They "Wanted" to regain their land. They decided that it was going to be their destiny. They were determined to do that. And they did just that.
To start a thinking process with "How" is Negative attitude. How just does not matter. It's only whether you want it or not. The difference between what happens and what never happens is the will to make it happen. "How" merely follows the will, like a petite dog that follows a school-going girl.
Let me not beat it round. I want to change the society. I want to bring about some fresh air that would drive all this stench away. I want to make a difference to the ordinary, weak roadside old man who has given up all hope in life. I want this country to regain its place in History. I want the politician to morph into the statesman that he once was. I want the mind to be untiring, the muscles to be toned. I want change; I want peace.
I know I can get them. "How" doesn't matter.

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