Friday, July 25, 2008

Blast Me If You Can - Bangalore ROCKZ!

I welcome the new kids on the Block. And congrats on your new attempt.

You were always epected here. But I actually thought you would be less amateurish and more professional. Not amateurish, it was childish. No, perhaps, it was stupid. Or, rather, it was ridiculous. Yes, you are not kids, but are fools. Fools to the extent of being labelled demented.

Do you seriously think all that you could plan was a few crackers along roadsides? A few months late, folks would have mistaken you for some Diwali celebrations!

The next time, plan something solid. Make it big. Taste blood.

If you cant, climb up one of the towers in UB City and jump. You would make better news then!

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