Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Mutation of a Powerful Species: Indian Cricket

What a time it is to invest in cricket! The tycoons and the super stars must be basking in all the turn of fortune that they could have hoped for - and much more!

The feel good factor about India's stature in its National Religion is overwhelming! And the game that has caught the imagination of every bud is now all set to take the next generation by storm. It started off with the unassuming and unpredicted coup called the Twenty20 World Cup Victory pulled off by a set of boys testing their teeth in unchartered waters. Today, it's not just the Under-19 World Cup Bonanza, it's not just the Tri-Series triumph; it's the ecstasy of having beaten the bad boys in their home town, the unchallenged World Champions whose machine seemed to grow powerful by the day and whose dirty tricks seemed to match their growing power in its gravity of abysmally low behaviour. How fitting it could be to respond to words in action, reply to off-ground attacks through on-ground discipline and performance!

The last two matches of the highly controversial series brought the best out of a young team ready to explode on to the international arena. The Master paved the way for the youngsters through immaculate style and command over his gifted art. It was a delight to see the super man back in his elements and reign supreme.

How risky would you want to be if you were the leader of an untested team? Ask MS Dhoni! His appetite for risk and his bravery in facing challenges with trust and grit was enchanting! The individuals seemed to merge into each other as a team under him. The fielding was tight and the confidence, unflagging. To him, the fight is more important than the victory. He is willing to give his lieutenants the free leash, and is willing to take responsibility for their failure. And his team performs as if in a trance!

At the end of it all, there emerges a new hope that is brighter than just a ray; a streak that holds more than a promise; a breed that has more than mere confidence; and a whole country that sees the potential of more than a mere entertainment quotient.

Yes, this is just the right time to be in the business of the sport. And the billions being poured are just in the right place.

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