Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Let There Be Life!

Not long ago that I thought Bangalore was such a cool place to be in. Blessed with its natural climatic goodness, blissful with lakes and trees, greeting tired souls with flowers of all colours, Bangalore to me was among the good things life could promise.

So, it was a horrid sight to see trees being uprooted heartlessly for petty reasons. To see giants being chopped to pieces on a daily basis, to see life getting destroyed haplessly, is to witness the plunder of the very identity of the place that boasts of its garden city status.

To lay roads without proper planning is indeed a petty reason; to cut life to compensate for human greed is raw selfishness. The road that was dressed in green a few days ago stands naked in the hot sun. But that is the very nature of mankind - the virus spreads, eats up life, destroys the planet and still remains hungry for blood. There never has been and will never be a worse enemy to planet earth than man.

If an airport needs to be built at one god forsaken place called Devanahalli, why would the benevolent green giants fall prey? Merely for being along the sides of the road to air? I dont blame the politician alone for not having planned at the outset, for not thinking ahead of time and for not willing to walk that extra step to avoid this ruthless deforestation. I blame myself for not being to do anything significant to stop the bloody rampage. I blame every citizen who let this display of human arrogance go on merrily.

To blame alone is as good as doing nothing at all; and doing nothing at all is cowardice; and cowardice is a vice.

All I can do, other than watch life being wasted, is to plant new hope. I'm starting off this weekend on a planting spree. Not a rush, not in a hurry, but taking it forward slow but steady.

I may not be able to stop the mighty rulers from stripping the land nude; but then, the rulers can't stop me planting a sapling and watching it grow either!

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