Friday, July 21, 2006

Meet the Fockers: Ban on Blogs

Mr Home Minister,
As far as this Blog is concerned, you don't exist. Nor does your Government which has had the guts to put a lock on my home, seal it without notice and then open the doors sheepishly as if nothing ever happened.
Where were you when the bombs were placed in Mumbai rails? Were you cuddled in the comfort of your Air conditioned rooms when hundreds lost their lives and loved ones? What do you plan to do to stop the next attack in the city? Or perhaps, was it the divine intervention that prompted you to block blogs so that no further attacks were effected? Do you have to guts to come over to my place and look at me in the face at this very moment?
You better not! I would make you feel sorry if you did that! Browse the net and see if you can get some tips on National Security. Take a crash course if you please. But never ever think of laying hands on my Blog! India prides itself on its Democratic credentials and on being Super Power material, whether they are facts or myths. Don't blow the cover exposing your weak underbelly. If you can't do your job, resign!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I really doubt the Mumbai blast was a handiwork of the Hindu agents in the Indian Army. They might have bribed the guys to place it you know.

The fucking home minister needs to know all you talk and wants all shit to pass on his head so he thinks he can!!!!!!!! fuck him fuck him and fuck him............