Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Great and the Interesting

Not many pieces of news have made me wow! But, this one did. Musharaf's offer to let the LoC open for help to pour in. That's the most sensible thing he ever did that would come to my mind when I think of the General (wonder why people call him 'President'). Whatever he is, what he has done now makes perfect sense.

Interesting: This one. The Election Commission does seem to have taken things seriously in Bihar. Normally, one would think this deserves to be classified under the 'Great' section rather than the 'Interesting'. But, it would definitely be interesting to see how many people have taken the Election Commission seriously. After all, no one would expect the Election Commissioners to handle the rifles themselves. They do have to depend on their chain of command - right, that chain of command that's made of an easy-to-corrupt machinery called humans. And this machinery operates in a high-pollution environment. Well, it's definitely interesting.

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