Saturday, February 11, 2006

An initiative in the right direction - Tourism India

The decision to get the fares for foreign visitors to Places of Historical interests and other tourist attractions, in line with what the locals have to shell out, makes perfect sense. The decision was long pending and is a sure positive development in the right direction.
People who have had the opportunity to travel abroad have always seen the contrasting ways in which monuments were being treated in India and abroad. Tourist attractions are well maintained with systems well in place to welcome the tourist searching for a context. Historical events associated with the sites are well documented and tourism is amply promoted.
It doesn't take a developed nation to exercise its brains on what needs to be done to ge the tourists in and help them leave the country with a memorable experience. All it takes is some initiative. And a decision in this direction would be the most welcome step. One hopes it is followed up with setting up of other basic amenities that would make India a proud host.

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