Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Clearway against Football": Critics Grill Clearway!

Critic: Is it true that Clearway is a headstrong blog?
Clearway: No idea what you mean by that. But if you are hinting at Head and Shoulders, Clearway doesn't advertise in its space.
Critic: I concede that might not have been the best way to start an interview.
Clearway: There are no defined paths to go about doing things. I never accused you; so you dont have to concede anything.
Critic: Well, the main purpose of this chat is to draw your attention to the way you are being perceived.
Clearway: I dont see what is to be achieved by that and how that would affect me.
Critic: Alright, let me get to the point. Why have you not reported the World Cup?
Clearway: I would have reported it if there was no other way people could have known that the World Cup had started. I did not report it because people already knew that the event was underway.
Critic: Is that a valid reason? I find it as more of an excuse.
Clearway: Well, that was a response; you may categorise it as you wish.
Critic: The point is, what do you plan to achieve by choosing not to report an event as big as the World Cup!
Clearway: Well, there is no point in reporting it. I told you that.
Critic: An event that draws all eyes to it, that has so much of History about it, the biggest entertainment of the world, a feast for every football lover, and you see no point in talking a word about that?
Clearway: So, what do you expect me to say? That the World Cup has started off in Germany? That is a mere news and makes no sense. I might report the event if the football got lost when the game was all set to begin and all the stores in Germany ran out of stock just then.
Critic: That's being cynical about something Historical.
Clearway: Im being neither cynical nor historical; Im just being practical.
Critic: Okay, what's your opinion about Brazil being the most favoured team?
Clearway: Everyone talks about Brazil because they do not know much about the other teams; and they can't imagine not talking about football in a World Cup season!
Critic: Does it mean that you discount Brazil and dismiss it's world renowned skills?
Clearway: Im not a Discounter nor am I an employer of the Brazilian team to dismiss them. I was talking about the froth in all the talk about Football.
Critic: The discussion is not about people; it's about football.
Clearway: Perhaps, that might have been a reason why I did not report the event?
Critic: Okay. Which country do you think would run away with the World Cup?
Clearway: It would definitely not be India. As for running away with the World Cup, anyone could do that. But winning it is different.
Critic: Ahemm . . . so who do you think would WIN the World Cup?
Clearway: I can easily predict that. But suppose my prediction turns right, the winning Team will have to give me the World Cup and walk back home.
Critic: Whatt???
Clearway: Don't worry; I have some other cups with me. I shall give one of those to them.
Critic: The whole discussion leads me to infer that you are not interested in the World Cup, or you are not a Football follower or you want to stand out from the crowd desperately.
Clearway: Whom do you refer to as the Crowd?
Critic: The Bloggers of course. You do not want to be associated with every other blog and you consider yourself superior.
Clearway: How sure are you about that?
Critic: Otherwise, a blog the reports News and Views from India should definitely have talked about Football in its space. And you have chosen not to do so.
Clearway: Getting back to your point about your inferences, Number 1. Yes, Im not interested in the World Cup. If I were, I would have played in it and tried to win the Cup all for myself. Number 2. Yes, Im not a follower of Football. The football gets kicked all around the ground and I can't keep following it to every corner and into the goal posts. Number 3. You yourself have termed the Bloggers, a "Crowd", a strongly objectionable term, considering the individuality of every Blog. I take strong exception to your usage of a term that was totally unwarranted.
Clearway: And what I want to achieve by not reporting about the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, and why I'm hell bent on writing not a single word about the colourful event followed by mad people all around globe is entirely up to me. You never deserved an explanation about that.
Critic: So, finally, are you going to write about it or not . . . ?
Clearway: That's a Straight "NO"! And no reasons would be furnished, whatsoever. I have other important things to do than write something silly about Football!


Mridula said...

To each his/her own (written while watching Mexico vs. Argentina match :)

krish said...

So how would you rate your interest towards the game in general, and the world cup, in particular?