Sunday, August 13, 2006

Independence Day 2006

Things have been happening fast – in India, abroad and in a few other aspects as well that would keep me occupied for the near future. That is the reason posts in Clearway have become fewer and far between.

Blogs are beginning to be heard and are becoming louder in the media these days. As is said, the success of an individual is measured in the changes that he manages to bring about in the lives of others. The billionaire or the baron is as good as the particle of dust floating around with the wind if all that he has thought about is his own self and his kin. So can be said of Blogs – what change this Compulsive Expressive Disorder brings about in the lives of people and how powerful it is in enhancing living standards of those in dire straits would determine the success of this medium.

Independence Day Celebrations and the accompanying inevitable terror threats have given fodder for channels to conduct Talk Shows and surveys – “How vulnerable do you feel this Independence Day?” Heck, if we really had Independence, why would we feel vulnerable at all? It’s only when you think your fate depends on some other mortal that you feel vulnerable! Well, you have as much chance of having your head blown off by the Human Bomb as you have of tripping on a stone and suffering a fatal head injury or slipping off the exit while you emerge out of the plane that has just safely landed! You were born, you are bound to die.

Wishing fellow Indians a Great India soon on this Independence Day, Clearway takes a few days off Blogging. But then, as you know, the dusk always has its dawn. Let’s all live to see India flourish – and Humanity wake up to the reality of Peaceful Co-existence. Clearway will be back.

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