Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Enter the New Year: Clearway 100

Clearway promises nothing new in 2007: The same wine, the same bottle, but just more vigour!
This year hasn’t begun in the best of notes. That makes it reason enough to report the Abhishek – Aishwarya’s engagement prime news to begin the New Year’s Blogging with. The most fantastic Bollywood pair has decided to make it all official after all the days of dating. And the two do look good together, don’t they?

The other news haven’t been all that bright: ULFA slaying humans in a fresh spree of violence, the Noida Serial Killing case that still seems to be unwinding to its full horror with loads of controversies about the modus operandi of the Noida Police Vs that of the CBI, yet another powerful son missing from the reaches of the law in Orissa, and of course, terror sneaking into South India reaching the corridors of IT companies at Bangalore – none of these would make a happy read if one were only too optimistic about the dawn of the New Year.

The government has its task cut out – reform! Reform has to be evident in every facet of the way the machinery functions. There is just not much choice left. If traces of terror are seen in Bangalore, it only means that the roots have already penetrated deep. If the CBI can unearth so many more bodies from the same damned places that the Noida police have been sleeping over for the past couple of weeks, it only indicates the poor state of affairs in State Police Departments, and the extent to which they have been ill-equipped to deal with exigencies. It would be no wonder if the serial killers found the police stations the best places to hide the bodies of their victims – it should come as no surprise should the CBI excavate bodies out of the walls of police stations! There is no room for complacence. Power doesn’t come free – the Prime Minister would be better advised to stay focussed on the tasks that he was elected for, rather than entering into the dirty trails of political rallies in Punjab seeking votes.

To end the beginning note this year, this is Clearway’s 100th post, in more than a year of its operations. While celebrating its century, Clearway promises never to take the road India’s politicians have cherished taking – enjoying the warmth of its position, no matter where! So, what is to be expected of Clearway in 2007? Nothing new – the same wine, the same bottle, but increased vigour! Clearway will pronounce verdicts on the good, the bad and the ugly. Where do you fit? You decide!

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