Wednesday, April 25, 2007

“Lighting up minds”: Tamil Nadu Chief gives a new Definition

A look into the implications of the statement of a State Chief Minister

Our politicians have tuned themselves extremely fine to the nuances of their trade. Not the shrewdest businessman could play the tunes that would have the audience on their feet and leave them mesmerised as if on a trance.

It is bound to be a sensational statement when the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister warns that the “
oppressed classes will erupt” if the Quota system is not implemented. And that’s what politics is all about – sensationalism! And it’s not just sensationalism – the Sinister has actually proved his strength in confronting the law of the land, setting the example that a responsible citizen can actually talk his own free will, even if it’s against the will of the Supreme Court. Naturally, when the Chief Minister himself does that, it can never be a case of “Contempt of Court”.

The media may be at home breaking news with headlines that announce the minister’s staunch stands on the “War-path”. But some may term his statement “Inflammatory” because of his usage of word “Erupt”; that’s not to suggest the literal meaning of the word but just indicates “Flame”. And the Head of a State could not have made a better move in getting the masses together and adding fuel to a sensitive issue that’s already burning.

The seasoned politician has proved that he is capable of capitalising on this unique opportunity offered by the era to portray himself as a modern-day saviour of the oppressed and the suppressed. This ability to cash in on opportunities makes earn the title, “The Opportunist”. Further, he has spent a lot on votes the last elections when he gave away free colour televisions and cows to the rural people. His government may not be financially strong this time to give DVD players to buy the same votes that were bought with colour Televisions. And his game plan of flaming up passions in the minds will definitely work this time, it is hoped; there would be at least a handful who would be more than willing to “erupt” at the mere gesture of their leader – and the rest would be history.

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