Thursday, December 27, 2007

In Hope of a Better Pakistan - Benazir Assassination

It's havoc in Pakistan. That doesn't sound like anything new; it has been messy out there for quite a while now. But not many would have actually expected the assassination of Benazir Bhutto - no matter how bad it has been in our neighbour's yards.
This is not about Conspiracy Theories; it is about a state that steadily seems to be losing out on the values of democracy. The focus is not on who plotted the execution; it is on how the state of affairs could have an influence on a normal, law-abiding citizen of the country - and on the progress of the nation.
For any developing nation, it is a struggle - to survive the schemes of politicians who fight among themselves to secure their places. To grow in these harsh conditions without succumbing to the constant injuries inflicted heartlessly by self-seeking demi-gods is herculean - missions worth life times. For every seed that grows into life, there are a thousand feet that are ready to stamp.
Still, seeds flourish and trees arise. Hopefully, we have a garden next door very soon.

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