Thursday, December 04, 2008

This is NOT Enough!

If this is a reaction to the Wednesday when hell broke loose, this is not enough.
If this is a display of insecurity for the ordinary neighbourhood Indian, this is not enough.
If we consider this congregation of anger an "Achievement", this is not enough.
If we really want change at the core of the Indian Establishment and at the grass roots, this is not enough.
If this is the way we will vent our anger on failed systems, this is not enough.
What needs to be changed is not what we see. It is the unseen that we have to deal with.
Indians, Protest! Stand for your rights. Stand against dirty politics. Make them feel your presence. Make them take note of your unity.
But do not vent it out. This is not the time; NOT YET!
This is just the beginning; the tip of the mighty iceberg. This is not the occassion to sprint; save your energies for the long haul.
Do not get carried away. Do not be satisfied with the numbers that turned out this Wednesday. The magnitude of the real issues are tremendous. Last Wednesday's attacks are just the symptoms; the real problem lies beneath.
This is the right beginning. But reactions are not enough. We need concerted action.
This is the waking up. This is NOT Enough!

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