Saturday, February 26, 2011

Altar of Human Rights - Crisis in Libya

Human Rights is supposed to be fundamental to every member of the species. However, there has been a history of rights denied to different people at different points in time. This time, the breach is happening in Libya. The concept of Revolution takes the shape of the side that you watch it from - and you become a Freedom Fighter or a Terrorist depending on which side of the border that you find yourself in.

We do not have a George Bush now, and there is no Saddam Hussein. But that doesn't take away reality from its realms of existence, or hidden agendas from the pages of conspiracy theories. Leaving the covert agenda aside, the reality remains that Libya is in trouble, Gaddafi has long been in power, media has been barred from painting a clear picture, and news has a tendency to find its way, trickling through the gaps in the electronic era. 

While the Libyan Leader has been exhorting his people to sing and dance and rejoice, the sky has also been raining bullets elsewhere in the same country. The United States has announced sanctions and the world community is deliberating, as lives are being lost and the lucky ones are fleeing. The altar for human rights, right now, is in Libya. 

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