Friday, June 08, 2012

Back from the Ashes

It would have had to wait till the 26th of June, 2012, if my idea was to make it a '6-month' hibernation. But I have never been fussy about such intricacies, so decided to break free earlier than the scheduled resumption after the break.

So much water has passed under the bridge in a span of over 150 days. And nothing has changed because Clearway refused to record the flow of events during the course of the break. What a shame! 

This post is not to recall every event that went unnoticed by Clearway, starting with New Year 2012 through Sachin's 100th century, Baba Ramdev, Mayawati, Dravid's retirement, recession, more bad news, Viswanathan Anand, petrol price hike, IPL 5, down till growth in Australia and Spain's bailout. These events shall be revisited as and when deemed fit in the posts to come.

This post is sort of an appetiser, so to speak. And a brief re-introduction, not on the lines of "Clearway Defined" and "Clearway Explained", though. Those were, I should say, looking back, days when the idealists were marching forward, with their engines firing on all cylinders. So, what transpired between now and then? Well, the sun beamed across the horizon.

I have three remarks to make in this post:

1. To do justice to my remark about a 'brief re-introduction', I have become an acknowledged 'Freelance Business Writer' these days. So, what do I do? Well, management Guru's invented theories - I re-invent them! Will post some of my stories in this space, or elsewhere, when I find them fit.

2. The second remark in this post is sort of worldly wisdom. For people who are searching for Justice in this bad world - Good Luck! 

3. And my final remark in this 'Re-born - Yet Again' post: Thanks to 'Lak' and her prodding me to swear publicly, I resolved to write16 posts in the year 2012. Well, that was one of them. And I waited till there was another comment to the post (how logical!) - and here I am! (If anyone is really out of work and is interested to know if I lived up to my own words, please do the math when it's 31 Dec 2012.)

And they changed my url from to Bloody Bloggers!

So, let's catch up! 

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