Monday, October 24, 2005

Analyse this!

The interview at Rediff with Mr Hafiz Saeed has shown the Earthquakes and the relief efforts in a different light from what is normally being projected in the media. The discussion focuses on the issue from the point of view of the jihadis.
The interview clearly identifies the 'real' causes behind the earthquake and how future catastrophies could be precipitated by further irresponsible behaviour by the rulers and women. It shows the subtle distinction between approaching for aid and accepting aid that comes their way and also how certain countries should never be approached for aid even in times of disaster, as instructed by the Almighty. Further, it rules out the presence of any militant in Kashmir, as it categorically shows that all who are present in the region are just social workers. The interview even undermines the intentions of India in offering assistance. It demonstrates how the opening up of the LoC could devastate Pakistan worse than the devastations from the tremors themselves. Finally, it puts forth a solid argument as to why Kashmir and the whole of Kashmir must belong to the country which suits it 'geographically'.

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