Monday, October 24, 2005

Your order, please?

The Mettur dam has been receiving record inflows - 200,000 cusecs - which seems the maximum in more than four decades! Rivers have already been flooded and people have been advised to move to safety. Alerts have been issued.
Surprisingly (or rather, not surprisingly), I hear that a Television Channel has been repeatedly announcing that the Chief Minister 'ordered' the rescue operations, the Chief Minister 'ordered' the helicopters to fly in , the Chief Minister has 'ordered' to issue flood alerts . . . and the 'order menu' goes on and on and on! This is surprising because these are things to be done as a matter of course and not to be ordered as if it's some order to bomb an enemy at war (unless the authorities in question are totally dumb that they have no clue what to do in, well, any event). This is not surprising however, because there is nothing new about it; any reasonably good activity by Government bodies in the State is, normally, 'ordered' by the Chief Minister. I wonder why the Chief Minister has not yet 'ordered' the waters to stop in its flow and take a 'U' turn in its course; it's just a matter of time, perhaps.

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