Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Master is Back

Would a blog that says "India" and "News" on its head not be incomplete if it doesn't have the word "Sachin" in it! Of course, it would be pathetically so! Welcome back, Sachin!!!
And the master has made a statement of sorts. His strokes had the stamp of a genius. It does make one wonder how often has he missed out on the three digit figure, but does that really matter? Be it the sizzling Sehwag or the Mr Perfect Dravid, none of those would give the relish of the thumping straight drive and the elegance in the covers! The Indian team does have a better look with his name at the top. Welcome Sachin, and keep going!!!


Qalandar said...

True, he's now missed out on three figures nine times in ODIs, but perhaps that is to be expected given he has 38 centuries? i.e. He has more near-misses, but statistically he is in a position to have those near misses more often than most, no?

Good post-- agree completely that no blog featuring "India" and "News" can go without Sachin!


krish said...

Hi qalandar,

You're right. Near misses are only proportional to successes.