Tuesday, October 25, 2005

History in the making: Bihar

Lalu has made history! He has decided to take the age-old political culture by storm. This is an eye-opener for every critic of politics; and a pay-back for every cynic! In one move, Lalu has set to silence all his detractors!
Yes, of all the promises ever made, of all the assurances ever given out, this is one election promise that we can be sure of. Lalu will stand by his word. "Some officials are conspiring against the RJD. Let the government be formed .I will take all of them to task", Laluji has promised. Well, you can take my word for it - because, not satisfied at being an indelible part of Indian history, Lalu has decided to write history himself. The first ever election promise that would be delivered to every letter and every spirit of it, deep down to the minute detail, explicit or implicit.
The Election Commission and the rest of India has been lucky enough to witness History in the making!

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