Friday, October 28, 2005

Banking on the river

Of late, the news has literally be flooded with rains - both in India and in the other parts of the world. Mumbai was afloat for a while (wonder what happened to all those war cries about banning plastics once and for all); now, its the turn of the Southern States. Both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have been experiencing incessant rains for the past few hours.
However, nature seems to be driving a key note home this year. The Cauvery water sharing issue has been haunting the two states for years, featuring occassional suicides and riots. Farmers are the most affected; commentators used to be in full flow, the movie industry jumped into the fray and the politicians enjoyed the show - this was one issue they could rely on, one that would take the public eye off them, while helping them fill their ballot boxes with water. But this year, its the floods! I'm sure people on both sides of the border would be busy searching for someone to blame for the deluge!
What the situation would be next year, is anyone's guess. And the fact remains that Indians have been ruling the country for all these years and have proved themselves incapable of solving one issue that has cost lives, year after year!
In Picture: Political Fodder.

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