Friday, October 28, 2005

The show goes on: Kashmir

My first post on this issue tried to choose the right perspective. The second post had almost lost the hope on its probability. I tried to elaborate on the reasoning behind my stand in a post in my other blog. Then, there was a ray of hope when I found a few others who shared a similar concern.
The issue is laid to rest here, with all due respects to our ruling class. After spending so many valuable hours deliberating whether to turn into saints or to remain mere mortals, the Congress High Command has given in to earthly desires. Or perhaps, it is the mature realisation of the fact that people die when their fates dictate so, and not much can be done about it. Or it could even be the ultimate enlightenment that it's not just politics but is the very definition of mankind to act its roles out and be an integral part of the divine scheme, rather than try to act God, saving lives! Mortals remain mortals, saints remain saints and . . . the show goes on . . .

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