Saturday, October 29, 2005

Earthquake: The Aftermath

Slowly but surely, the Earthquake is being relegated further down the News. Events keep happening around the globe and people get on with their lives - people who have not been directely affected by the tragedy, that is.
For those whose lives have been touched by the tremors, their journey into hell has just begun. One report identifies them as prospective suppliers of body parts. The UN has appealed for funds and a more sensitive response to the disaster; the difference between "Pledges" and "Commitment" is the same as that between life and death, it says. In a separate report, India and Pakistan are yet to work out the modalities of opening up of the LoC to facilitate easier movement across the borders. And, General Musharraf is concerned of exposure of his "Troops and facilities" (possibly translated into some other term) in PoK. Put all these together, it's a perfect mess out there.
As the victims blame their Government for lack of will in the rehabilitation efforts, the General seems to have rated his own Government's performance as ranging between "Good and very good"!

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