Sunday, October 30, 2005

To the Terrorist

The bereaved are moaning the dead and governments are condemning you. Forces are in full swing to get you to books. I pity that you have achieved nothing, bombing places and shooting civilians all these years!
People did want a respite from the flurry of natural disasters - but no one wanted it in the form of the bombs you blasted. Initial reports of the blasts in Delhi hinted at a toll of 20, and it has risen to 65 now.

Forget the numbers; the loss of a single life would mean the end of the world to a lot of people. What confounds me is the absolute lack of logic behind your brutal deeds. What ends could be achieved by killing people who are in no way related to the issues that drive you towards such attacks? If you are from any religious group, the dead could be of your own religion. If you are part of any organisation that supports our rival nation, the dead could very well have meant the world to someone in the very country you support - the two countries are still related by blood.

If, at this moment, you feel proud that you have succeeded in your mission, take heed of this - any school-going kid could have done what you have. No police force can guarantee absolute law and order. If you want to plant a bomb somewhere, in some damned place in this vast country, you definitely can. No big deal about that! But the fact is that violence is only counter-productive. And the truth is that you have wasted your ability to conceive of and execute plans in carrying out such attacks, which you could otherwise have spent in working out solutions to your problems.
True, you have your own reasons to justify your actions. In a crowded world filled with black hearts, any innocent passer by could be victimised by circumstances - as you might have been. Your cry for justice was never strong enough to be heard, let alone be responded to - and you decided to have your voice heard. But hitting back with violence only proliferates crimes in a vicious circle, never solves the issues at hand. What you have done this day is to add to the enormous amount of grievances that people hold. The victim of today's attack will be the militant of tomorrow. And when he decides to plant those bombs in a market place where he himself would never know who would walk into, you might realise that among the dead lie someone whom you hold close to your heart.
If you have a reason, come out in the open and fight for it! If you have convictions in your cause, you will have the world backing you. Hitting from behind the veils makes you a weakling and a loser, who has no idea how to reach his destination.
If violence is the solution, the world would be free of problems now!


Dr. Theo Radish-Rho said...

Well said!

krish said...

Thanks dr. theo. I sincerely hope a few terrorists read this.

LAK said...

Wonderful writing! seems to be from the heart.

krish said...

Well, it was meant for the heartless.