Saturday, October 22, 2005

Power Play in Kashmir

Speculation is in the air regarding the scheduled transfer of power in Kashmir. Coalition politics is a funny game that has scant regard for public opinion. Afterall, no one really bothers to get a vote on whether people would want a coalition government or not; that degree of sophistication is still beyond the affordability of the Nation.
The purpose of elected bodies is to serve the population using all possible means - at least, that is the theory. So, the importance of 2nd November, 2005, should be seen in the light of the very idea behind elections. Would a change of power at this critical moment be benificial to the public or would it aggravate the present situation? Should an agreement between two political parties be given any importance at all, when thousands lie out there in the cold, in misery, in pain? Politics is what the parties are always indulged in - why not think of something different, this time?

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