Saturday, October 22, 2005

Yechury issues 'Seshanitis' Warning!

CPI-M Politburo member, Mr Sitaram Yechuri, takes away the laurels for coining a new word - 'Seshanitis'. '-itis' goes with many words and means 'inflammation'. Wikipedia has a list of terms that contain '-itis' and may denote inflammation. However, do not expect 'Seshanitis' to be included under the category of 'inflammation' if and when Mr Yechuri contributes to Wikipedia. He doesn't talk of 'The Inflammation of Seshan' in this case. He merely expresses concern that the Election Commission may be infected with 'Seshanitis'.
With so much clarification going into his new 'term', a lot more would be required to explain how "a large deployment of force" would result in a "very low voter turnout"! He probably means that with so many men in uniforms at the polling stations, voters may be reluctant to go repeatedly to the booths to 'cast and recast' their votes, or they may not be able to send in their 'substitutes' to vote on their behalf, in case they feel too lazy to go to vote. But I'm sure he definitely would have a valid reason/ reasons behind his statement.

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