Sunday, October 23, 2005

Power Play in Kashmir - Part 2

"Reality sucks" said someone. I'm sure he would not have been in politics, but a mere onlooker of the game. The stage is set for the Transfer of Power in Kashmir next month. "The agreement on sharing of power between the two coalition partners is a gentleman's agreement and it would be kept" says Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Chief Minister of J&K.
I had some hope in my previous post on this issue that the folks in power might ultimately see sense, considering the list of 'Things to do' in Kashmir, on the wake of the tremors. They have proved yet again that wise people never have high hopes on politicians. The Chief Minister is on his way to Delhi to hold meetings on the modalities on power transfer. Yes, he will definitely be strutting on a few corpses on his way out.

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