Sunday, October 23, 2005

Don't mess with them!

Some people have a knack of creating a mess of their own situations. And I expected this to happen to Mani Shankar Iyer, our Union Petroleum Minister, when he suggested that women offset the hike in petrol prices by cutting down on their saree purchases and movie trips - this remark, when the festive season is just round the corner!
Oh yeah, he did lash out later at the Television channel for beaming an 'abridged' version of his interview - but the fact remains that he did utter those words. Earlier, it was an actress who pushed the women of Tamil Nadu over the brinks with her off-hand remark about virgins - or rather, the lack of them. These days, when someone who's been watching regional channels visualises the women of a particular state, he would dream up of not one but a whole group of them, on the streets, in broad day light, with slippers and broom sticks held high in the air, shouting slogans against some well-known personalities. No, I do not want to be specific as to which state I'm talking of - I wouldn't enjoy watching scenes of my effigy being burnt, in Regional News Channels.

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