Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Die for it!

Time and again, this has happened. The thugs find it all too easy to eliminate the honest rather than mend their ways. Manju Nathan is the latest victim.

But, we announce that his end is not a victory for the vile. Muffling a few voices will not buy the criminals, the license to commit atrocities and get away with them. People are no longer wary of being victimized by chance – they are willing to die for their cause; and their numbers will only rise in giant waves, till the rotting filth gets drowned and is washed away!

So, to every Disciple of Truth: You are born and are destined to die one day - Die for your cause!


Mridula said...

Finally, the media has woken up from its slumber.

krish said...

Yes Mridula, learnt that.