Friday, November 25, 2005

Drop Sachin!

Sachin has to be dropped. Yes, that’s right. He needs to be told in plain terms that he is being dropped because he doesn’t perform these days.

I am among the ardent fans of the Master and I joined the country in welcoming him back to the side, after a six-month holiday. He announced his return in style. And that’s all that I could remember of his batting in this series and the one past. For those who think a series or two may not be good enough to judge a player, that argument doesn’t hold good for Sachin. He is not among those who would take their time to find their nick. He is the most gifted of the lot in the present age and it is criminal on his part not to apply his skills. And for someone who has become larger than life, the team should be able to bank on him as a rock. Sachin has failed to deliver the goods.

Blame it on his stardom and the resultant high expectations on him, if you please – but that’s the way it is. Because even stars are human beings, and it may sometimes take a rap or even a slap to shake things up for them. Drop him now; or, if you feel he would bounce back at Mumbai, wait for one more encounter and then, drop him.

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Anonymous said...

good observation. but no one cared then. i hope after this infamous worldcup duck against srilanka, people seriously drop this guy. he is not fit to play at the int'l level anymore. since sachin started career a very young age, his peak is over, some years back. his age doesnt matter and its absurd to see what his age is. best way is to sack him. good bye sachin, cricket doesnt want you any more and in any form. life is like that. its harsh. he has to go to school or something and learn some new trade and live in hiding the rest of his life. no one will compare him to any of the greats ever, by the way.