Monday, November 07, 2005

Party first, Country next!

The Congress seems to be in a hurry in packing Mr Natwar Singh off, temporarily. The ploy is simple: If it turns out that Mr Singh was indeed guilty, the party would have saved face by having acted responsibly. If Mr singh emerges innocent, no love lost, and it would take credits for having acted "due to the larger morality issue involved", to quote Ambika Soni!
Had it waited for the reports to be made available by the UN and then saw Mr Singh off on the basis of some prima facie evidence, the party might have been able to boast of having what it takes. The government appointed fact-finding team is yet to start "collecting relevant material", according to NDTV. The party's rushing into the act smacks of opportunism.
"Conviction" may be starting with "C"; not every word that starts with "C" means the same!

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