Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A personal note to my readers

I'm having to go slow on my posts; blame the circumstances. When I started this blog, I intended to keep pouring my thoughts into this space on a regular basis. And, to be honest, I did not expect this many comments from readers. The comments have been positive feedbacks, the ones that would keep bloggers going - they supported my views, questioned them, countered them and corrected me. Thank you readers, for your explicit and silent support!
On the other hand, comments have made me realise that my posts were indeed being read - and scrutinised. In effect, I was being held accountable for what I said, contrary to what I believed initially - that bloggers were accountable to none, unlike the mainstream media. And posts do create expectations - of contents, style and their frequency of being published.
So, having been enlightened with this realisation, I inform my readers that my posts might not be coming at the same intervals that they used to be - for a few days (Of late, I haven't even been reading my favourite blogs regularly). I definitely wouldn't be able to keep up with the average of more than a post a day (for those who are statistically inclined). However, I would earnestly try to being back to my original self, in as short a span as possible.


LAK said...

Writers block, maybe? Or wariness? Just today i read in the paper about some bloggers meet in delhi, for which only 4 people showed up---and the article mentioned the grey area that blogging is---with no stringent rules like the MSM. BTW, how did you visit my blog--just wd like to know.

krish said...

Writers block? Is that the one next to 5th Block?


Well, nor is it wariness - I haven't written all that much; just been blogging for a month. My current circumstances prevent me from committing much time on-line. I expect this patch to be over in a few days.

As far as I can recall, I visited your blog from one of your comments at Charukesi's blog. I think it was the post about Coke Ads. You commented there, didn't you?

So, whats happening with your Random Thoughts? Karva Chauth, Diwali . . . Waiting for the next festival?

Your comments are sharp - hope to see more of your posts.

LAK said...

I said 'wariness', not 'weariness' :)
Nothing to do with the mean-granny episode, then? Meanwhile,I have put up a post. Actually there is a slew of topics I want to write about---I think I'll go back to longhand first---thoughts are better organised that way!

krish said...

Well, I thought you meant wearniess.

But what could a mean-granny episode mean to me? I dont see the context of your reference to it. Would you explain?

Havent checked blogs for more than a day - let me check your space.

LAK said...

Oops, methinks I have been jumping to conclusions. I thought your self-ban(partial) on writing your blogs was partly triggered by fresh knowledge about the whole Sonia episode, since you added a disclaimer in that post. Sorry!

krish said...


That was a pretty long jump indeed! Anju George must take notie of that.

Disclaimer was for that particular post; the post that followed was not the next episode, but rather, a fresh book - no connect between the two whatsoever.

By the way, my decisions are never influenced by what goes on in any other sphere of action, whatever, wherever.