Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Potential of Journalism

NDTV has done a good job in exposing the police. That those who are supposed to protect the vulnerable and fight for their cause can stoop so low to do something as despicable as this, needs to be carried in the front pages of news sites.

Investigations are high-risk operations in journalism here. Organizations that made sensations out of peeling the masks off people had to pay heavily later. This is a land that sees Members of Legislative Assemblies roam proudly in vehicles filled with thugs and ammunitions, in curfew-imposed territories. The powerful deem themselves accountable to none and politics is being looked upon as dirty business, with more and more of the good and the capable choosing to remain out of it.

This is just the perfect ground for journalism to rise up from run-of-the-mill operations and take on more social responsibility within its ambit. Villains of democracy must be made to feel the heat of their own deeds. Journalism is not just business – it is accountability for the corrupt, hope for the weak and a beacon for the country.


Mridula said...

Such a sad story.

krish said...

Yes Mridula, it is. Makes us wonder where we are heading!