Thursday, November 03, 2005

India brushes Lanka aside!

India has prevailed over Sri Lanka, winning the series 4 - 0. But this win is different - it is more than a mere series win; the victory show cases the multi-dimensional performance of the team!

The four matches have seen excellence from different quarters, the rise of new stars and advances in co-ordination among the parts of the whole. In a long time, the series has not revolved around a few super stars. It’s been a dash of all colours with the flavours of a piece of art! The series marks the come back of Sachin, triumph of the new captain Dravid, the arrival at the arena of the super-charged Dhoni, the value of the patient Raina and Agarkar, commitment in the field, a lot of maturity in the batting order and the elusive key word in Indian Cricket – Consistency! If these are to be built on the existing strengths of the team, we have the ingredients of a perfect winning machine!

The Indians have just begun to taste success and relish in its fervor – the rest of the world needs to take note and brace itself for some vehement onslaught!


Mridula said...

Krish this one you have to self-nominate!

krish said...

Yeah Mridula, I guessed so :-)

Mridula said...

So did you go ahead and nominate? :))

krish said...

Yes, I did. But those folks at Desipundit said they received so many posts about cricket after the Indian win, so they wanted me to write something about football

I wish you had nominated this time too - may be they might have accepted it from you!