Friday, November 04, 2005

Watch your step: Virtual Philandering

It was good to read (through Desipundit) the blow dealt to a blogger by Sonia Faleiro. It was a seemingly harmless and innocent query by a reader about Sonia’s looks; well, seemingly so! But the e-mail has offended the lady and she has hit back - in an admirably nice language.

The post has inspired a few comments (and this post) – some have backed Sonia, some have damned her. The “Damn You” group says the post was unwarranted! After all, the e-mail just asks: “. . . What do you look like?” What’s the fuss about it? It’s just curiosity and a compliment of her works! Someone cites the blogger’s works about call girls (and leaves me wondering what the context was!); someone else says the post is just the result of her blog’s success having gone to her head! Is it really just that? Is it mere curiosity and nothing else at all? Does the entire fault lie with the girl’s perception?

Yes, if I were hare-brained, I would believe so. No harassment starts with rape. Does any adult in his/ her right senses expect a courtship to begin with questions of a girl’s statistics? Of course, it has to be in polished forms such as comparisons between writings and looks – “You words are good – so has to be your looks!” That’s just what the pursuer has done. And that could just be the beginning. It looks like people would like to see offenses develop to the full proportions before they raise their voices. Harassments are never apparent but for the parties involved. The real world is a mess with perverts and voyeurs. The blog space seems lot more peaceful, with women being able to be what they want to be. Sonia has sent a strong message to everyone out here waiting for philandering opportunities – in style!
PS. I loved Sonia's photograph and tried to upload it here; wasn't successful due to some technical error. I urge readers to enjoy the photograph!
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krish said...

Hi Readers,

I just got a message that something might be fishy about the Sonia Faleiro episode - a missing link, a made up story, a mis-leading word - it could be anything. As someone who has written a post on it, it is my responsibility to issue this disclaimer to you, whether you are a sympathiser of Sonia or Prashanth V. Whatever, Im sure you would have enjoyed the photograph!

LAK said...

Arre, I was just gearing up to write a post on it. Maybe I'll alter it so as not to refer to the episode. Also, I see that the original not-so-veiled insult to the offending e-mailer, has been removed. Was that an afterthought, or have I seen different versions?

krish said...

Hi Lak,

I haven't visited that blog since I read it initially. So, it was news to me that the post has been changed! And I have no idea of the versions that you have seen. So, the message that I received seems to be correct indeed; at least, there might be some scope for suspicion.

Anyway, it might be just as well that you haven't proceeded with your own post on it. You may have better things to write on!