Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sania + Sex = Sensation

"Sania, Karthikeyan talk about sex!"

He: Jeez! Really? But how did you know they did?
Me: Well, they talked about it in public.
He: In public? That's dare devil. But they merely talked about sex, isn't it?
Me: How can they merely talk and do nothing about it?
He: You mean to say they talked and they did too?
Me: Of course yes. That was what the summit was for!
He: A summit? I never knew they hold summits about these stuff!
Me: Why? What's wrong with it?
He: I mean, did they just talk or do it in the summit as well?
Me: Well, they talked and asked people to practise.
He: You mean to say they preached what they practised?
Me: No, I said they preached because they are good at practising what they do.
He: Just the same. So, they have made it all official?
Me: Yes. How then would the world know of it?
He: But why should the world know that they do it?
Me: Why? The whole world already knows that they are fantastic in their stuff!
He: The world already knew that, even before the summit?
Me: Of course! They are the best and they relish what they do!
He: But that's debatable! How can you say they are the best in it?
Me: I didn't say that. The whole Nation says so!
He: Good God! But how can you compare it with the performance of the others?
Me: Simple! They rank higher than anyone else in the country!
He: WHAT? Is this being ranked as well?
Me: Of course it is! And they both top the rankings. Hey, are you leaving?
He: Yes. Let me check my ranks. I can beat them in it!

Morals of the story:
1. Anyone can wield words and leave people imagining things.
2. Never choose a heading that is misleading!


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