Monday, November 14, 2005

You do have a choice: Naxal Attacks

The armed forces paint a pathetic picture, of being meek and weak and of no match to the Naxalites who have pulled off a stunning success in their operation in Jehanabad!
A thousand people, committed to their causes, working in tandem in a well planned and effective attack to release their leaders is, sorry to say, amazing! It was a top-notch mission that has caught the police forces with all their pants down - the reinforcement forces seem to have got to the place of action to collect all the evidences, so that they could put together the pieces to make out what hit them! The extent to which the naxals have gone to save their leaders deserves mention!
The official machinery has always been good at condemning acts of crime and terrorism - and beating up the press! The fact is that the bad guys have just been better in their planning and execution. And there are a good number of those bad guys willing to die for their causes. So, here is your choice: Take an injection of conscience, conviction and commitment and act before it's late; or, go home, close your doors and take a nap - the naxals may eliminate you if they find you on the streets!

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