Sunday, January 29, 2006

Irfan Pathan Defines "Swing and Awe"

The cherry swung like magic, bound by the spell cast by the wizard holding his invisible wand! A wizard, was he? He stood like a warrior, shattering the meek defences, watching the front line collapse in submission.
It's no mean trick! When one rocks three stars in their home ground, one after the other, piling them up to announce victory standing atop the fallen blades, it is nothing short of sheer mastery, the confidence over the self and the conscious control of the object that one wields! The red dart swung viciously at such a lethal pace that the memories of their fall are bound to haunt the victims for the next few face-offs that they would have with the Pathan! Such a splendid display of skill with results that would put the most scientific of scientists to shame is witnessed once in an individual's living memories! And that this amazing event occurred in what is seen as the decisive encounter in the series between one of the most notorious rivals of the planet is reason enough to celebrate Irafan for the rest of his life.
It was evident that it took a while for the feel of the historic feet to sink into the heart of the young Irfan Pathan. With the indulgence of being fortunate enough to witness a spectacular show of raw talent and its immaculate application, India looks forward towards a lot more records being torn apart by the vibrant speedster!

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