Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Real 'Reality Show'

CNN-IBN discussed the stark realities of the Nation – and reality, by nature, is caustic. The scope of change that privatised media can bring about is amazing; and the Republic Day Special programme was just the tip of a dirty iceberg.

For eyes that are so much used to watching parades every year, shocking figures such as a double digit percentage of people interviewed not knowing what the name of their country is, would have been a blow to the senses. 7% view Republic Day celebrations as a mere waste of money! They were perhaps not asked how that money could have been put to better use. Some never knew why Jan 26th and Oct 2nd were being declared National Holidays every year; one of them was kind enough to remark that Oct 2nd was the “Birth Day of Mr. Gandhi”. Was he referring to his neighbour, by any chance?

An ailing Mr. Amitabh Bachhan received a special “Get Well” card signed by his fans, which was as voluminous as a News Paper. News Papers express deep regret in their front pages for KBC2 going off air. All that some of the popular websites would have in their Republic Day Specials are some patriotic tunes and picture messages for download. ‘Reality shows’ are the rage this day, with the youth pleading on camera for votes.

Media is a reflection; it caters to and expresses the priorities of the public. And ‘objects in the mirror are closer than they appear to be’! Are we listening?


Nikhil Kulkarni said...

"one of them was kind enough to remark that Oct 2nd was the “Birth Day of Mr. Gandhi”" - what was wrong with that? Is it NECESSARY that to respect someone you always apotheosize him/her - Can't we respect Gandhiji by calling him Mr. Gandhi??
The 1st thing this nation must learn from Gandhi is 'NOT TO MAKE A GOD OUT OF HIM, But follow his ways of humility and sacrifice'. Lets differentiate patriotism from blind apotheosis - many of those who practice such pseudo patriotism fail to alleviate the misery in this nation. 'Sanskar aur Parampara' should never be valued more than pragmatism!

krish said...

Hi Nikhil Kulkarni,

Thanks for your comment. Let me see if I can clarify a few things.

"Is it NECESSARY": Not at all. I never said so. However, I do believe I am entitled to my opinion; just my own opinion.

"Can't we respect Gandhi by calling him Mr. Gandhiji??" Again, I do not have a say over that either. It's again upto the individual. If you feel you can respect Mr Gandhi that way, please go ahead. And I definitely wouldn't mind if you continue to respect Miss Teresa and Mr Benedict, whichever way you choose to call them.

"The first thing that this nation *MUST* learn from Gandhi . . ." (Emphasis mine)
Well, *you* said it this time! You say what the 'Nation MUST do'. I really do not know if Gandhiji would have said so himself (Mr Gandhi, if you please).

'Many of those who practise *SUCH* pseudo patriotism . . .'
*SUCH* - as in? Your explanations would be welcome; reasons behind that 'such' would be most appreciated.

' . . . fail to alleviate the misery in this nation'
Perhaps, you have someone (or many of those) in your mind when you say that. It is by no means NECESSARY that you disclose who they are.

"'Sanskar aur Parampara' should never be valued more than pragmatism! "
Well, I feel lost. Where does 'Sanskar aur Parampara' come in here? What's all the talk about pragmatism? Who valued one more than the other?

Well, I actually thought I could clarify a few things, but it seems there are a lot of things here that I never said. You see, Nikhil, I don't clarify things that I did not say.

By the way, I still am left wondering if I ever made Mahatma Gandhi a 'God', ever at all, in whatever I wrote in this post. What made you assume things, Nikhil?

Thanks for your comment again, and do keep visiting.