Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Buta deserves his Birth Rights!

Buta Singh has caught the attention of the Supreme Court again. The last time, the SC said he had to be thrown out of his residence (How rude that is!). Now, he has been charged with fanciful assumptions. I am surprised. This is not what was expected of the Supreme Court!

Mr Singh must have been fast asleep when he was approached for his approval of the Government’s dismissal. And there is nothing wrong with dreaming while in sleep. What he really needs is some rest at home, and some freedom to dream. The court could be Supreme, but what rights does it have to interfere in the personal affairs of an innocent somnambulant? I only wish Mr Singh gets his birth rights of peaceful sleeps; and I hope the Supreme Court makes the necessary arrangements for his safe travel home. I request the Government not to disturb him tomorrow – it’s a National Holiday and don’t trouble him, making the old man stand out in the sun for the Republic Day Parade!

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