Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Well, it Works: Lodge Your Complaints - Part 2

There is reason to be optimistic - it is learnt that the Bangalore Police has responded to the complaint lodged on-line by one of the close associates of Clearway (Check the previous post for details).
The police does seem to have taken the complaint seriously; an Inspector had called up earlier and checked the verasity of the complaint with the person who lodged it on the net, Clearway was told. Then, he seems to have assured our associate that strict action would be taken against the offender and that he would be 'taught a lesson'.
I sometimes wonder why people should be so pessimistic about the functioning of the government mechanism, after all! Is it all the fault of institutions or is it the negligence of the individual that adds insult to injury? Could there be better and effective solutions to problems if the citizen chose to be proactive?

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