Saturday, March 18, 2006

"Lodge Your Complaints"

In this day of hectic competition, it becomes inevitable for blogs to keep innovating. Clearway tries to stay in the race with its new section - "Lodge Your Complaints", at the top right corner of this space. The section is all about lodging complaints against beasts that are let loose in the society.
We see a sea change in the way things are done these days - and lodging complaints is just one among them. Bangalore City Police, I was told, has been running a site where lodging complaints has been made a breeze - sweeter than drafting a mail! A close associate of Clearway has spotted an extremely rash driver on the spree on the roads of Bangalore - and all that the person did was to reach for the site and mail the details of the driver to the City Police. While the actions taken on the basis of the complaints remain to be seen, there is less room for cynicism, given the care taken in setting the complaint system up and running!
Clearway hopes to collect similar information and log it in this space - and invites contributions in this regard, from readers. The laws of the land definitely do not allow citizens to shoot such dangerous beasts on the spot - but the arms of the law do seem to be extending their reach; and it's upto the citizen to strengthen it!

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